About Us

Everything you need to know about I-Parliament

Aims of I-Parliament.

  • Raise awareness on pressing issues, encourage active citizenship and motivate young people to get involved in the Indian democratic setup.
  • Contribute to the personal skills development of the Indian Youth.
  • Provide a forum for young people to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.
  • Provide a platform for the youth to come together and challenge themselves for the purpose of empowerment, and to help participate in the leadership and innovation process.

Our Activities.

  • Resolutions and Amended Bills at the Session are sent to Member(s) of Parliament for their consideration.
  • Participants improve their language skills and learn to work in an intellectual environment
  • All events are organised and conducted by young students, for young people.
  • Notable public intellectuals and politicians regularly visit our events and interact with our participants.

How we Do it.

  • The Secretariat of the I-Parliament hosts a minimum of two sessions annually. The session is attended by school students from across the country where they debate, discuss and design "law" in a simulated parliament session. Afterwhich, the resolution/bill formulated is taken to a Member of Parliament for their consideration.

  • The Secretariat has also set up Democracy Clubs in partnership with schools across the country. The aim of this network is to strengthen the idea of democracy by linking sustainability, justice and plurality to solve the current global challenge.