Project Info:

Free2speak serves as a natural place to begin a dialogue with people and the system to generate critical awareness for diversity of contexts, the obstacles people face and how to bring change for even better. It is hoped that such a space will seek audience from young people from all backgrounds, to enable them to come together and understand India - the resilience of its people within the plurality of cultures and the country’s vast diversity.

Free2speak is hosted at Jawahar Bhawan in New Delhi and is accessible to off-location audiences through video broadcast services, It is a day long event in which young, forward thinking people who are making a difference in the national or international spectrum with their ideas address the audience sharing with them their unique ideas.

Free2speak also serves as a platform for the youth to express their vies on freedom, democracy and justice through our Social Media movement on which young minds can send in videos of themselves talking or even a view expressed in the written format.

During I-Parliament Sessions, ‘Free2Speak’ transforms into a panel format debate amongst the delegates who are members of the press, these debates are recorded and showcased on the final day of the session as well as being circulated on Social Media.