International Sessions

Project Info:

I-Parliament holds its international sessions dubbed as Global I-Parliament once every 2 years, with delegates representing over 20 countries the ‘Global I-Parliament’ is a conference at which students gather from across the globe to debate, negotiate and legislate global laws. Further the Global I-Parliament provides a forum for students to have their voices transmitted to and heard by global institutions and national parliaments. The Global I-Parliament is the voice the worlds young minds need and deserve, it is a platform conceived in accordance with liberal democratic principles. The Global I-Parliament serves as an institutional mechanism that at once prepares a new generation of political leaders as well as reflecting the concerns of the worlds young to the existing political fraternity.

The Global I-Parliament was conceived to change politics and to create, inspire and empower the next generation of Political leadership, The Global I-Parliament does so by taking all of its members through the different aspects of political leadership which involves debating and discussing legislation as well as politically negotiating with their peers. The supranational I-Parliament idea is complementary to but different from the United Nations. The Global I-Parliament stays true to the idea of democracy by having most of its top positions elected from amongst the delegates, It is held over a span of four days in New Delhi and has discussions on topics engaging the youth of the day.