National Sessions

Project Info:

I-Parliament organises two national sessions every year, all organized by students for furthering fruitful and active participation of young students in Indian politics and policy making.

For the duration of the session, the participants, while representing themselves, are divided into constituencies through which they become part of an Indian political party, wherein, each party elects a party president and chief whip, and then carry out negotiations with other political parties to form coalition blocs. The larger coalition bloc becomes the ruling party which then, have the task to draft a bill for their respective topic, where they can come up with their own suggestions and ideas for the challenges faced by India, while keeping the varied socio-economic structure of the nation in mind. The bill is then presented by the ruling party and debated in a parliamentary assembly.

Through its national sessions, I-Parliament aims at raising awareness for India's pressing issues, encouraging active citizenship and greater participation of the young students in Indian polity.These sessions work towards giving the youth a voice, and encouraging them to use it in creative ways to bring about social change, along with contributing to the skill development of the youth, empowering them to take on leadership roles and drive innovation. Importantly, I-Parliament works towards making sure students are actively seized on matters of national importance, especially those that require immediate debate and attention, and making their issues and perspectives reach the local and national governments by having eminent personalities present at the sessions to have panel discussions or interactive sessions with the participants.