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Secretary General

A student of the 11th grade at the Doon School, Raihan is a young mind with a keen interest in politics and democracy, amongst other things Raihan has co-authored a research paper which has devised a ‘Well Being Index’ for India. In his free time he loves to read books on the Indian Constitution and Indian Politics and also enjoys writing articles on the same topics.


Yasharth Goyal

Secretary General

Graduated from The Doon School and pursuing BBA LLB at the Jindal Global Law School, Yasharth Goyal is an aspiring leader who displays exemplary adaptability skills and strategic thinking. He has wonderfully advocated the urge of democracy education in our country through an overwhelming initiative, I-Parliament.

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Head Of Tech

Ahan is a 17-year-old app and web developer based in New Delhi, India. His apps have been very popular worldwide, and have been featured in leading newspapers and blogs, including Product Hunt, Huffington Post, and MakeUseOf. He enjoys connecting and working with globally-distributed teams of developers, and collaborates with several noted international charities and non-profit groups. Ahan is also interested in economics, finance and strategy.


Bhavini Mittal

A "grass-root" social worker and silent leader, Bhavini recently graduated from the Modern High School for Girls. Kolkata. You'll probably find her dancing in the rain or screaming at a rollercoaster tasting every slice of life. She was appointed as the National Coordinator of the Democracy Club in October, 2016 and visions to redefine womanhood in India.

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Yuvan Jaidka

Yuvan is 17 years old and is a student of The Doon School studying in class 11. He is also a national level shooter. He is actively involved in MUNs and has attended several conferences around the nation. His interests lie in Politics, Football and writing.


Ishita Malhotra

A student of the 11th grade at the Vasant Valley School, Ishita Malhotra has an inclination to world as well as indigenous politics. Being an avid debtor, having participated in and won several debates across the country she has a special liking for motions of international affairs, and policy debates. She is extremely fond of music and enjoys western contemporary dance. With an innate want to make a difference, Ishita aims to maximise her contribution to the developing world in the long run.

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Anya Patil

Anya is a student of grade 9 in the The Shri Ram School. She has a keen interest in debating and MUN conferences, and hopes to pursue law. She also loves acting, and loves participating in plays. If not in class, she can be found enjoying a captivating mystery novel.


Ishaan Vaish

Ishaan Vaish is a student of the eleventh grade at The Doon School. His interests lie in science and economics which he aims to pursue further to make a difference to the global society. Ishaan thoroughly enjoys football among the various other sports he indulges in. Open to upcoming challenges, Ishaan looks forward to varied experiences that open doors to further learning.


Aviva Baig

While studying in Delhi in the 11th Standard, Aviva travels around the country playing Football at a national level. Her love for the visual interpretation of life takes her and her cameras to jungles, mountains and deserts across the world. Her photography has been featured in a number of national and international publications and portals. Aviva aims to bring about change through working on different social issues and bringing them to the fore in the public domain.



Miraya studies in class 9 at the Sri Ram School, New Delhi. She is a National level Basketball playing, soccer loving athlete who loves music and writes poetry. She is also a maverick in spirit, happiest rafting or on jungle safaris where her fearlessness comes to the fore with ease. Miraya has strong opinions and a deep and abiding love for justice. She heads the Press department of the I-Parliament for which she works tirelessly.


Nandil Biswa Sharma

Nandil is a 15 year old currently pursuing the ICSE curriculum in The Doon School, Dehradun. He is deeply interested in the world of politics and does not shy away from expressing his opinions. Alongside being a good sports man, he is actively involved in various school magazines and social service initiatives.

Organising Committee

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Deep Dhandhania

Deep is 17 years old and is a student of The Doon School. He is a talented hockey player and also the Editor in Chief of the school Yearbook. He actively takes part in MUNs and was the Head of Secretariat for DSMUN 2016. His interests lie in International affairs, Politics and sports.


Saatvik Chaudhari

Saatvik is a 16 year old studying at The Doon School. He is an academically inclined student and is an IIT aspirant. He follows the NBA and EPL closely. He is also a State level shooter. He is the founder of InfoDen, a student run blog.

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Ahaan Gupta

Ahaan is 16 and studies at the British School in New Delhi. This is his third school having previously studied at the Sanskriti school and Kings college school in Wimbledon. His hobbies are playing basketball, cricket and debating. Ahaan has been a member of the I-Parliament Organising Committee since August 2016.


Taahira Bhalla

Taahira Bhalla, a student of class 9, studies at The Shri Ram Moulsari school. An avid sportsperson, she loves football, athletics and swimming. Taahira loves the outdoors and thrives in nature enjoying outdoor sports and activities immensely. She has recently undertaken and successfully implemented a social initiative to provide drinking water to a village in Haryana and helped them purify the water using Moringa Olifeira seeds.

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Udyat Anand

Udyat is 16 years old and studies at the Genesis International School. Udyat is a keen debater and has represented his school at countless MUN’s & debates. Udyat is interested in Politics & Public Speaking.


Meher Joshi

Meher is 14 years old and studies at the Shri Ram School. Meher’s interests are dance and Reading. Meher has been a member of the I-Parliament OC since July 2016 and is an integral part of the press.

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Leila Mukherjee

Leila is 14 years old and a student at the Shri Ram School. Leila is a singer who loves music and art. Leila joined the I-Parliament OC in July 2016.


Zohravar Bhati

Zohravar is 16 years old and studies at the Doon School. Zohravar is a Basketball & Football Player. He is interested in Football, Photography & Politics. Zohravar has been a member of the I-Parliament OC since April 2016.

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Sanya Raheja

Sanya Raheja is a 14 year old girl full of positivity and warmth. She is a student of class 9 of the Shri Ram School. She is passionate about about pop dancing and is a cooking enthusiast. She is the right person to approach when in doubt.

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Angira Mishra

Angira is 14 years old and studies at The Shri Ram School. Angira is a national level swimmer and district level basketball player. Angira’s interests lie in Music and Reading.